“Driving excellence and quality in all that we do”

is the mantra that drives the Glenform Building Ltd. team. Coupled with bespoke workmanship, a focus on safety and value-for-money, we have been chosen for some of the UK and Ireland’s most prestigious ventures including the Athletes Village at Olympic Stadium, London, The Obel Tower, Belfast, Enniskillen Hospital, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and the AVIVA Sports Stadium in Dublin.


The foundations of Glenform Construction’s success are built on the pillars of quality, excellence and astute delivery. The reputation of the company and track record of delivering on major projects demonstrates Glenform Building Ltd.’s vision and commitment to quality. Comprises
a team of highly-skilled, qualified and dedicated project managers who strive for excellence in all aspects of
their work.

The Glenform Building Ltd. team with 45 years of experience has a clear understanding of the business needs of a range of sectors, which lends itself to a strong and trusting relationship for both our clients and us. Quality control, efficiency and cost containment are at the heart of the Glenform business ethos and as such clients are assured of our “safe pair of hands.”Through the effective use of management reviews, training and regular auditing Glenform Building Ltd. stays ahead of the curve…by bringing about constant improvements in daily operations for the mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers and the Glenform Building Ltd. business strategy.

The Glenform Building Ltd. team has achieved and is very proud of its industry reputation, which comes about with hard work and commitment. The company comprises of a highly committed management structure with experienced site-foremen and staff, who use innovative construction materials and methods and modern techniques of project planning and cost control. Meeting tight deadlines is a prerequisite for compliance with tight construction schedules and here at Glenform we treat deadlines as they should be treated – with respect.

Our Values

Respect and value the contributions of multi-skilled and multi-cultural staff members, with the successful completion of projects and high customer satisfaction.

We strive to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and equitably.

Committed to project excellence through quality and safety at work, best practice in all areas of activity.

Innovative and problem-solving by always finding a solution within the time constraints.

Successfully operate in a dynamic environment where our team can learn, contribute to, and find opportunities for mutual success, providing quality, specification, service level and value for money to all our customers.

Add value to our clients through tram expertise and project turnover. Glenform Construction Ltd. aims is to deliver experience, expertise and performance in all sectors of the markets in which we operate.

Our Commitment to the Environment 

We are consistently assessing our impact on the natural environment. Environmental management is formally assigned to our Contract Managers who ensure compliance with policies and best current industry practices.

We have set clear strategic targets to minimise the impact our activities have on the environment. Our staff are fully aware of the policies applied by Glenform in minimising waste, moreover our pro-active approach to the environment gives us the reputation as an employer of choice in the UK.

We monitor all projects in terms of emissions and responsibility in regard to Environmental Protection legislation and our staff are strongly encouraged to participate in, and offer suggestions as to how we may improve our performance in this area.