Services Overview

As market leaders, we build our reputation by the successful completion of each and every project that we are involved in. We know that a company such as ours is “only as good as your last project” therefore we excel with every new client that we deal with. Glenform Building Ltd. offers clients a complete integrated concrete frame construction service. Our portfolio covers sports centres, high profile public and private buildings where we apply the latest engineering solutions.

Glenform Building Ltd. is committed to excellence and employs dedicated people from a variety of backgrounds. Recognizing that it is through our employees that we strive to become a leading building and formworks company therefore we are constantly encouraging our staff to develop new concepts and ideas.

Glenform Building Ltd. believes that an investment in our team’s personal development and growth will result in continuous improvements and efficiencies for our clients.

In line with the expansion of the UK economy, here at Glenform Building Ltd., we recognize the importance to have financial stability in the current climate of uncertainty, by choosing us as your preferred supplier this will offer you security.

Services Offered

Project Management

Glenform Building Ltd.’s strong domestic and international presence in the construction industry allows us to provide essential support to our clients whenever it is needed. We have met the increasing demand for cost-efficient, responsive project management services for the most discerning client with the most intricate construction project.

We are also committed to utilizing an innovative, proactive approach to prevent the unforeseeable: delays, scheduling issues, change orders and design errors during the construction process. Our management method has a proven track record of delivering a full-spectrum design/build in challenging environments.

Our breadth of capabilities includes a unique project management skillset to help each client with their construction needs from conception to completion.

Value Engineering // In-house Design

At Glenform Building Ltd., we have a skilled team who carry out the in-house design for all client projects. This adds considerable value to our client’s accounts and it also ensures that there is the consistency of input throughout an entire project.

When it comes to value engineering, we seek to help our clients achieve specified functions at minimum cost without detriment to quality, reliability, delivery and performance. Our services are geared towards:

Eliminating/modifying non-essential project items.

Maximizing the project’s functional value – layout, material types, buildability – without sacrificing quality, reliability and performance.

The more thought and analysis upfront the greater the long-term benefit.

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